Submersible fishing LED light attractor ERYO

The submersible TECHLUMEN ERYO fishing LED lamp is a particularly useful tool for the professional fisherman.
Its robust construction allows it to be immersed in depths of up to 100m.
It is available in 3 color versions.
Optionally ERYO has flash operation mode.
Flash mode is applied to push the fish back into the nets.
Blue light is used to attract deep-sea fish.
The green light resembles phytoplankton and attracts fish to the luminaire.
White light attracts the fish to the sea surface.

Luminaire Brochure

  • ERYO series Specifications

    Power 100W
    Input Voltage 12V - 24V
    Consumption 0.10 KWh/h
    Ambient Temperature -5oC - +40oC
    Light Color White, Blue, Green
    Flash operation Optional
    IP Rating IP69
    Body Alluminium
    Dimensions Φ110 Χ 320mm
    Weight 3,4Kg
    Max Depth 100m

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We participate in protecting the environment

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