Why choose Techlumen LED fixtures?

1. Techlumen LED luminaires have a much higher performance than conventional luminaires or other LED lights.

 The main design parameter for the luminaires we produce is exploiting the maximum luminus power per watt of the LED chips we use.
A. We select top-of-the-range LED chips from leading producers in the world.

B. Techlumen luminaire LEDs are driven to low watt. There are manufacturers that overdrive - push  the LED chips. For example a manufacturer drives a LED to 200watt while we keep the same LED chip to as low as 70W to deliver extra lumen / wattTechlumen are high efficacy LED lights.

While delivering extra lumen/watt they have significantly lower performance drop over time. The Techlumen LEDs have an L80B10> 100000h index, meaning that 90% of the luminaires will keep luminus power> 80% of the original after 100000h of operation. Techlumen have top lumen maintenance factor.

C. The design of Techlumen's luminaires ensures optimal cooling of electronic components and maintain low operating temperature even under harsh conditions. The lower the operating temperature, the better the luminaire’s performance and it’s service life.

D. The optics of our LED luminaires are extremely efficient and do not allow significant losses of the delivered luminus power.

E. The Techlumen luminaire drivers have high efficiency and low energy losses. They also have little fluctuation in the power supply to the LEDs to maximize the final output of the luminaire.

2. Techlumen LED lights do not tire the eye

The electronic parts of the luminaires we produce provide extremely stable current to the light source to avoid flickering.
It is easy to see the existence of flickering of a luminaire. Using an old-technology camera, with a low frame rate, we can perceive ithe flickering of the light on the screen.

This is not perceived by the naked eye, however it tires the user in a short time.

Techlumen LEDs do not flicker even on the screen and ensure comfort.


3. Techlumen LED lights are high reliable - they can stand the test of time.

The quality of our luminaires ensures their durability over time.
Each lamp has its own unique serial number. We know when each lighting fixture has been produced, what are its electronic and mechanical parts. In this way, we control the behavior of each model over time and, if necessary, make the necessary improvements.
In the last 5 years the failure rate is less than 0.3%.

4. They are accompanied by a genuine guarantee.

All Techlumen LED lamps have a warranty of at least 5 years. Our company provides technical support for all the luminaires it has produced.

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We participate in protecting the environment

We participate in protecting the environment

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