The advantages of Techlumen

Economic Performance

LED is rather a new technology. They have higher purchase cost which is offset by savings in energy and maintenance in 1-2 years, depending in their use.

Indeed, according to laboratory tests, an average lighting equiped with HQI250W consumes 0,31 KWh / h, while the consuption of TECHLUMEN LED 70W light was 0,072 KWh / h while it has 20% more luminous power.

In other words, it consumes 77% less energy , while we have more light output.

The TECHLUMEN LED 54W light's consumption is 0,054 KWh / h, achieving 82% energy saving with only 5% less luminous power than the conventional lighting.


Lower operating temperature

Existing sodium - mercury luminaires , although they are highly efficient, emit significant heat. The heat they generate when coupled with the smoke, exhaust, dust and moisture commonly present at industrial sites or outdoors, becomes an issue. With the temperature of the exposed glass reaching up to 200+ degrees C, these deposits bake onto the glass surface and are often impossible to remove, even by high pressure water jet.

The dirt deposited onto the luminaire, absorbs and blocks the light output thereby, causing much lower overall efficiency. In addition to output, as more dirt adheres and bakes on, the glass heats to ever higher temperatures, thereby drastically reducing the lifespan of a unit, whilst producing less and less light. With far lower operating surface temperatures (up to 60 degrees C).

Techlumen LED products are not subject to dirt baking onto the surface, and allow them to be washed while operating.

Moreover, due to low heat emission they are suitable for cold storage units, or other heat sensitive facilities.


No flickering light

The LED lights operate at low voltage DC and produce no stroboscopic effects. LED Techlumen have high quality electronics and they produce light that is not tiring the eye.


Environmentally friendly

The LED lights do not contain mercury and lead.



The LED lights, in contrast to conventional lights, emit no UV and IR, which are very harmful to health. Moreover they operate from a low voltage power supply, which is substantially safer then 240VAC powered light sources.


Instantly Lighting up

Existing lighting solutions need some time to warm up and to reach maximum brightness. It takes even longer, after a power failure or voltage drop. On contrast, LED lights illumine directly at maximum brightness, every time they are put into operation.



The Bridgelux LED chip has a lifetime of 50.000 hours of continuous operation. That is 5 times longer than any other lamp technology.



The core of the lighting Techlumen ©, is the LED-chip Bridgelux, a leading manufacturer of LED high performance and reliability, based in Livermore, California.

Other component is the driver of MeanWell, one of the largest companies in the field.

Third component of Techlumen © , is the heatsink, built from cast aluminum, designed to ensure excellent heat dissipation, the greatest enemy of a luminaire, while maintaining low weight and bulk.

Last but equally important component of the lighting Techlumen © are the highly trained craftsmen and the control standards at every stage of production.

All these contribute to maximum reliability and each Techlumen© luminaire is backed by a 5 year warranty.



Techlumen’s LEDs are driven to achieve high efficacy. Moreover the design of the optics and and the efficient cooling contribute to the excellent efficiency our luminaires, up to 200lm/W, which is significantly better than competion.

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We participate in protecting the environment

We participate in protecting the environment

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