Fishing LED attractor - Als series

Fishing LED light attractor Als series is a valuable tool for fishing vessels. It offers powerful light, with low energy consumption. This reduces the need to use large batteries and the requirement of frequent charging. The light emitted is in the blue spectrum (425-490 nm) which is similar to the fish and shrimps color receptor and attracts them effectively. The installation is easy, it is equiped with adjustable brackets which facilitate fastening to the base. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps used on fishing vessels, Als provides powerful light, in appropriate light spectrum, with only 1/20 of the energy consumption. Als is produced in versions of 60W and 8278 lumens to 180W and 27972lm.

Luminaire Brochure

  • Als series Specifications

    Model Als
    Luminous Flux 8278 - 27972 lm
    Power 60 - 180 W
    Driver Meanwell
    LED Chip Bridgelux
    Energy consumption 0.06 - 0.18 KWh/h
    Operating temperature -30Co - + 50Co
    Efficacy 138 - 155 lm/W
    Input Voltage 12V or 24V
    CCT 5000K
    IP rating IP66
    Body Alluminium - Inox

    Φ390 Η 276mm

    Weight  5.4 Kg
    Warranty 5 years
    Approvals: CE, EN 60598-1, EN 13032.01
    EN 61439-1:2009
    EN 61543:1995

  • TUBIC series Versions

    Watt Code CCT Lumen Lm/W
    60W Als-60 5000 8278 138
    86W Als-86 5000 12222 142
    107W Als-107 5000 15278 142
    144W Als-144 5000 20835 144
    180W Als-180 5000 27972 155

  • Technical drawing

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  • ΕΝ 60598-1

  • ΕΝ 13032.01

  • EN 61439-1:2009

  • EN 61543:1995

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We participate in protecting the environment

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